Donna Johns

For Walton County Commissioner, District 4

Do you feel like you’re not being listened to? You’re in the majority. I am running to be YOUR voice. I feel the same problems you feel and I hear everyone’s concerns about the County. That’s why I’m running to be the candidate of the PEOPLE, to bring common sense back to Walton County. The government must act in the best interests of the residents. As commissioner I will continue to listen and act on those concerns. I would appreciate your vote on August 23, 2022

Vision, Issues, & Values

For District Four and Walton County

District 4 in Walton County

Tourism has more than doubled in the last five years to almost 5,000,000 visitors per year. While increased demand for our beautiful beaches has caused a sharp increase in housing values and provides additional tax revenue, it has also created some significant problems that must be addressed sooner rather than later.

Development needs to be better controlled. With more tourists comes more problems with traffic congestion, parking, trash collection, and difficulty getting to shops and restaurants.

Unless these problems are dealt with, our economy will suffer. Remember, EVERYONE in Walton County can vote for me for District 4, and I aim to represent the WHOLE county.


We must enforce the Land Development Code and limit the loopholes.

We MUST balance development with infrastructure capacity.

We need to stop buy-outs and ensure developers build sidewalks and proper storm-water drainage.

Plan road construction in a way that minimizes gridlock

We need more parking facilities — the County has spent millions to buy parcels of land, but failed to build parking lots.

We need parks and recreational facilities for residents — the people like you who vote and and pay the taxes in Walton County.

We must add sidewalks, roads, green spaces, schools, and improve the crosswalks and medians

We have to do everything we can to protect our natural resources, from wetlands to beaches.

This is just a start, view more in the “Donna’s Stance” section

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 District 4 has been ignored far too long. 

Let’s work to together to make our area a place in which we all can be proud.